I am a Brooklyn-based creative who is passionate about using design to build meaningful experiences and solve tough problems.

While I earned my degree in Interactive Media and Graphic Design at Loyola University in Baltimore, I studied Typography at MICA, interned at David Ashton and Associates, and completed a multimedia documentary in Italy. Upon graduation, I pursued print design as Art Director for CMJ magazine, but found myself becoming more and more fascinated by the digital space. Since then, I have feverishly pursued that fascination through research, study, and 5+ years of hands-on experience for a wide variety of clients. I’m self-taught and highly proficient in HTML and CSS to boot. While staying true to basic foundations and principles, I keep up with trends and standards. Typography, color, grids, and symmetry are what I think about constantly. Design encompasses my life—not just on the computer or in my sketchbook, but from fashion to interiors, books to film, through traveling, photographing, and even cooking, I’m delighted by form and beauty everywhere.

Say hello! kristen.cesiro@gmail.com

photo by Isabelle Selby